Monday, November 14, 2011

Lessons in life

Frejya has been learning some valuable life lessons as of late. She is fully capable of driving my car which I think is pretty incredible. I still make her sit on my lap so that I can take over if necessary, but she uses the pedals and steers all on her own. And she's really good at not starting or stopping too fast.  She really has a knack for this driving thing already (and obviously we're only driving on private property where this is allowed).

She also learned how to do laundry this weekend. She had a pretty good idea from helping me out over the years, but she now knows exactly what settings to use, how much soap to use, etc. And her learning this chore is really going to help me out a lot I think. Plus she loves that she gets to keep any money she finds as she's doing this. 

And the last very important life lesson we accomplished this weekend was public speaking. She's really no stranger to public speaking but this was her first time being liturgist at church and she did an amazing job. She decided to do most of the readings all by herself and she really nailed it. Everyone at church was very impressed with how well she can read and how well she understood what she was reading. She made the gospel lesson exciting because she actually understood that it was a story, not just a statement to read. She definitely reads with good inflection. I don't know that I've ever been prouder.

And just one more thing: Frejya got straight A's on her report card. It's her first report card with real letter grades and she is super excited about it. And we are so proud!

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